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The corporate services firm that makes all the difference.

We started our journey after identify the need for a firm like ours in Spain. There is a too wide gap between big consulting firms, incapable of adapt to the changing and varying needs of our customers as they are too rigid and too centered on their own internal procedures and norms, and the small, flexible and affordable firms that, though, lack the knowledge and capabilities and the level of professionalism to provide companies like yours with the accurate, fast, reliable and responsive services you require.

Being in business ourselves, we understand how important it is to rely on the right people to do the right job. We want to bring consulting a step further. Rather than simply advising you or your business on the best course of action, we are here for execution. Delivering ideas or sharing knowledge is not enough.

We provide solutions that work. From our Barcelona headquarters, we have the capabilities to serve you all over the world. 50% of our clients are foreign businesses that need us to make sure their organization in Spain is fully compliant. In an ever-changing world like today, that would be impossible without the support of very qualified professionals.

A managerial approach to consulting

What makes us different

We are financial people with a strong background in auditing and multinational management. This ensure we can provide you with a different approach to consulting. We understand how businesses work and most than anything else we understand the decision-making chain existing in any business.We can not only easily adapt to your internal reporting and internal control system. We understand that timeliness is as important as accuracy.


The accounting profession is one of the oldest in history. It goes hand by hand with business development and economic activity. Respect for the profession and consistency through time are essential to succeed.


The way we do business today is different than yesterday. And tomorrow’s way will be different than today. We believe in the need to innovate in accounting, not in its principles, which remain unchanged and resist the pass of time. But as an essential business process, accounting is subject to improvement and change as new technologies become available.


We have a long and tested expertise in different environment and in different businesses. This gives us both the knowledge and the flexibility to successfully adapt to yours. We are constantly making sure our knowledge base is growing and our learning curve keeps expanding, via ongoing education or through hiring the best talented professionals in every field we operate.

Quality at the core

When relying your business’ most sensible and crucial aspect to us, we understand you want to be sure everything is carried out appropriately and in full compliance, not only to the law, but to the highest standard of quality that are at the foundation of our profession. We are expert in internal control and we can provide you and your business with both the flexibility and the strength of a solid system of internal procedures designed to better satisfied your needs and manage the risk of your business.

Global presence

Currently, several business all over the world rely on our services to ensure their global structure works as smoothly and as professionally as they never imagined possible.